I know you had fun with me

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Title: Glass In The Park Artist: Alex Turner 5,891 plays


"And when you say that you need me tonight,
I can’t keep my feelings in disguise
The white parts of my eyeballs illuminate…”

illumination on rainy days

~drinking coffee on rainy days

~ playing piano

~ playing guitar and drums

I guess I’m quite happy


skip school to be in the blues

~today me and my mate we skip school tonight, we took a bus to my home town to watch Junior Watson. We ran like fucking hell and we got the best seats.

(my mate took a pic with him lol)

the man is good…


Christian Helmut Hasselbusch

Title: Leave My Kitten Alone Artist: The Detroit Cobras 26 plays

I didn’t like this episode at first, but now it’s one that i’ve been listening the most.

(the song is in the TIED AND TRUE album)



You know something is wrong when I failed to listen to the new deep purple’s album but I listened Rich Kid Blues by Marianne Faithfull once again.


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Title: Hot Kiss Artist: Juliette And The Licks 117 plays


Juliette And The Licks - Hot Kiss

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the sun is back i’m feeling blue

~test week….Very nice. And It’s sunny outside,it feels like a tolerable summer (rare).  Last night I was watching one of those contests….band contests…and I just realize that the problem is not “there isn’t  good bands today”, actually there is good bands. But the majority of the people like awful bands, awful lyrics,awful shitty things.  There was this particularly rock band, that were fucking wank and it came blood through my ears.

most of these guys of this bands are actually fucking jerks in real life and ”sweet” in their songs. I still don’t know how people think this is a good idea of lifestyle



sometimes the same is different, but mostly is the same