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haha, this is my niece!

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i am pretty much addicted to the scott pilgrim’s soundtrack

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I couldn’t sleep today. It was awful. I was always waking up and thinking about the sailor.

I don’t know how it is for you guise but I always feel a sorta of necessity of being alone. I guess that’s why I can’t with sleep overs specially when it’s my house (don’t expect a invitation from me,at least you are my ultimate crush). It may sound rude but I just seem don’t have the energy for a lots of people all the fucking time, or people who doesn’t have the same interests as me. I also have to study and do my stuff, I can’t create when I have visits on my couch. 


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Found a sealed copy of this today in Japan. Yep. Awesome.

I think talking about feminism nowadays it seems a very good excuse to call attention rather than talking about feminism itself

In my humble opinion most of the artists that are talking about feminism it seems like a excuse to call even more attention to them, like a trap to make you like them. But they talk the talk alright but do they walk the walk?In my humble opinion, some artists that were never actually asked about feminism are being feminists a longer time than those who claim to be feminist.

Alison Mosshart, Shirley Manson, Courtney Love, PJ Harvey.

playing with boys, playing with girls, talking about everything even their demons,on the stage they are musicians like the rest of the band.It wasn’t needed the word feminism to be used to make them feminists.

It seems like everything and every opinion it’s a good reason for a girl-hate, not only girl hate, but hate. It may be some old mistake of mankind but now the technology it seems like, this hate becomes more direct. Specially now when pop stars talk about feminism.

Why we’re going to waste our time hating each other just because our opinions are different?there’s so much more beauty and life than this.


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